Multiblitz X10 AC/DC – The most sophisticated studio flash…

22. January 2014

Video by Benjamin Etchegaray //


The Multiblitz X System with the X5, X10 AC/DC and the X 15 flashes offers a system with unique features and incomparable performance that sets apart from the competition.

In developing the X SYSTEM we set new standards for a new generation of industry professionals and strictly followed the technical demands of professional digital cameras. We created a compact studio flash that operates extremely fast, with high precision, and highly efficient.

SPEED MODE inside – The „SpeedMode” enables simultanous charging and firing of the X SYSTEM. Up to 20 flashes per second make the X SYSTEM especially valuable for freeze-photography.

VAST CONTROL RANGE – The X SYSTEM features a control range of 10 f-stops, which allows a controlled output as low as 1Ws. The flash output can be adjusted in 1/10 increments and the „Fast-Dial” function allows quick adjustments between low and high energy.

ANYWHERE YOU WANT – The X10 AC/DC was designed for mains operation as well as on location photography with the PROPAC battery packs, delivering up to 650 flashes at maximum energy.

TRUE MULTI-VOLTAGE – The X10 AC/DC is a multi-voltage wonder with an operating range of 80-265V. Multiblitz`s true Multi-Voltage technology is the most efficient protection from voltage fluctuations and spikes – 100% flash stability guaranteed.

TRIGGER HAPPY – Photgraphers can experience absolute control over all functions of an X SYSTEM set-up with just one handy remote control. The TRIGGER HAPPY remote attaches to the flash shoe of any camera and lets the talent go… well, trigger happy: Up to 16 units may be triggered and controlled at once, up to 16 IDs can be assigned. Flash output and modeling light settings can be controlled directly from behind the camera. The smart “EasyClip” feature helps create clipping paths in any photo editing software with a minimum of effort.

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