NEW – Multiblitz GLAMBOX 120

08. October 2014

The fully collapsible beauty dish, exclusively available from Multiblitz. Now available with a diameter of 120cm.

The GLAMBOX is a collabsible beauty dish that offers a great combination of even and soft light with definition and contrast. The GLAMBOX is now available with 90 and 120cm diameters. Fully collapsed it fits into a super light 60/90cm carrying pouch.

+ Diameter: 90cm / 120cm
+ Reflective coating: white
+ With white inner diffusor

+ Available for Multiblitz P- and V-type bayonet mount
+ Available for Bowens, Elinchrom, Hensel & ProFoto bayonet mounts

MSRP (net), GLAMBOX 90: 246,- EUR
MSRP (net), GLAMBOX 120: 302,- EUR

Image Samples

Image by Firat Bagdu

Image by Roy Cox

Image by Firat Bagdu

Image by Alexander Heinrichs

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