About Us

Multiblitz Studio Lighting – Founded by Dr. Ing. Dieter Mannesmann in 1948.

Dr. Ing. Dieter Mannesmann im Labor mit einem Mitarbeiter, ca. 1952

Dr. Ing. Dieter Mannesmann in the lab ca. 1952.

MULTIBLITZ Dr. Ing. D.A. Mannesmann GmbH was founded in 1948 in Cologne, Germany by inventor and entrepreneur Dr. Mannesmann and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art studio lighting equipment. The first ever Multiblitz strobe was the Multiblitz I built in 1948. In the 50’s and 60’s Multiblitz strobes like the REPORTER II or the PRESS UNIVERSAL were extremely popular among press photographers. In accordance with the Mannesmann family tradition, Dieter Mannesmann was an inventor and explorer with an exceptional entrepreneural spirit. His ideas and discoveries were groundbreaking for strobe photography and his ambition to find new innovations was never satisfied.

Inventor of the “Guide Number”

The term “Guide Number“, which is the product of the maximum flash-to-subject distance and the f-number of the aperture that will correctly expose film or a digital sensor with a specified sensitivity (in the early days for 18°/DIN and later for 21°/DIN films),  was created by Dr. Mannesmann. He was unsatisfied with the fact that there was no available method to measure the effect of a flash, so he set off to develop the formula for the “Guide Number” which is used by manufacturers around the globe to this day.

multiblitz retro log

Original brand logo from 1948

Since 1973, Multiblitz has been managed by visionary engineer and CEO Hans-Gerd Wulms and has grown to become one of the world’s leading companies for premium studio lighting. Under Wulms, Multiblitz forever changed the studio lighting world when it introduced the industry’s first compact studio flash, the now legendary MINISTUDIO 202 in 1976. Since then, Wulms and Multiblitz are accountable for many inventions and products that were well ahead of their time including the most successful PROFILITE and VARIOLITE systems. Today, a full range of Multiblitz products are used by leading professionals in over 100 countries.

Multiblitz is a highly spezialised owner-operated business. The scope of the Multiblitz business model includes product design, development, assembly, quality assurance, marketing, distribution, and sales. With virtually every step of the process executed in one facility, we can guarantee more flexibility and faster turnaround times than our competitors.

As the most experienced manufacturer of professional studio lighting equipment worldwide, Multiblitz takes pride in the fact that it is the only European brand that is still producing award-winning, completely European products, relying solely on German engineering and manufacturing unlike most other European brands.

Die Multiblitz Firmenzentrale in Köln: Hier entstehen unsere Premium Blitzsysteme, von der ersten Idee bis zur Endkontrolle.

Our premium flash systems are developed at Multiblitz headquarters in Cologne, Germany. Every step of production, from the first idea to the final inspection, is carried out and monitored by dedicated professionals in order to supply photographers worldwide with the most reliable and acccurate products available on the market.