NEW: The M6-TTL portable compact flash with TTL/HSS is here…

17. March 2017


Nowadays a flash unit has to be compact, lightweight and a “no brainer” to operate. Modern working procedures as well as the vast possibilities modern camera technologies offer call for a new mindset, especially in relation to image sequence and sync time. This is where our latest innovation, the M6-TTL, comes in.
Multi-PerformanceThe M6-TTL delivers 600 powerful wattseconds (Ws=J) and features TTL-control and high-speed-sync in combination with the Multiblitz remote controls TTL-TRIGGER/C or TTLTRIGGER/ N for use with Nikon and Canon DSLRs. Extremely short flash durations of just 1/15,000 s are another characteristic that distinguishes the M6-TTL from its competitors. For outdoor/ on-location operation, the interchangeable lithium-ion battery pack delivers 400 full power flashes.


Not only for outdoors

The M6-TTL is not limited to battery operation only, it can also be operated as a conventional studio flash unit with an optional multi-voltage power supply  operating from 100-240V.

Suitable for any typeThe M6-TTL features the smaller Multiblitz P-type bayonet mount. V-type bayonet light modifiers can be attached to the M6-TTL with a newly available adapter.


The highly efficient LED modeling light with a life cycle of more than 50.000 hrs offers sufficient power for outdoor use. The custom 3,800K color temperature allows easy integration into any existing Multiblitz studio environment.

Quick Specs

  • Flash power: 600 WS
  • Recycling time: 0,1 – 3,5 sec
  • Flash duration, T 0.5: Up to 1/15.000 sec
  • Operation modes: Battery & mains operation
  • Battery type: Changeable lithium-Ion
  • Battery capacity: 400 flashes @ max output
  • Flash modes: E-TTL, I-TTL, HSS, sequence, manual
  • Sync/Trigger: Radio (2.4 GHz), sync lead, cell (IR)
  • Modeling-light: 10 W – LED (equals 50 W halogen) @ 3800 K
  • Bayonet mount: P (V-type adapter available separately)
  • Weight (incl. Li-Io battery): 2,9 kg

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Image by Manuel Thomé: Shot on location in Cologne with the Mutliblitz M6-TTL.


The Multiblitz TTL-TRIGGER, for electively Nikon or Canon cameras, enables you to control your M6-TTL totally wireless and free. Communication between your camera and the TTL-TRIGGER ensures optimal exposure of your motif when working with the M6-TTL compact flash. Here, the flash output automatically adjusts in correspondance to the ambient light.

Benefit from the freedom the TTL-TRIGGER offers and get to know more great features like High-Speed-Synchronisation, focus assist as well as controlling up to 15 channels and 3 groups. Together with the M6-TTL, the Multiblitz TTL-TRIGGER offers an intuitive and efficient lighting solution for professionals and newbies alike.

Quick Specs

  • Frequency band: 2.4 GHz
  • Frequency channels: 15
  • Groups per channel: 3 (A, B, C)
  • Operation modes: TTL, HSS, manual, multi
  • TTL-compatibility: E-TTL, I-TTL
  • Focus assist: YES
  • Range: 100 m
  • Standy: YES, after 5 min of inactivity
  • Weight (incl batteries): 149,5 g

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Image by Martin Fehrle: Shot on location with Mutliblitz M6-TTL.

Introducing the NEW


The 16-rib PARABOX, available in 120 and 190 cm diameters, can be either used like a standard softbox but also as a crisp and giant “Beauty Dish” by removing the front and inner diffusors.

Due the parabolic construction, the lightspread is more focused compared to standard softboxes. With the new “Quick Assembly Ring” the PARABOX is set up within seconds, making it particularly useful for outdoor assignments. The PARABOX is available for the Multiblitz P and V-type bayonet mounts

MSRP : 385,71 EUR I MSRP : 889,91 EUR
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*All prices excluding VAT

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Sony & Multiblitz Day – 26th September

28. August 2015



Come and join us on Saturday the 26th September for an exclusive use of our Multiblitz studio at our Harrison Cameras store on London Road. Nick Webster – an experienced Sony advocate photographer and Falk Wulms, the Managing Director of Multiblitz will be on site ready to help and show you the ways to get the best results. Working both with Sony

and Multiblitz will give you an understanding of using your photography equipment in a studio environment. There will be 3 sessions throughout the day; each we can take a maximum of 12 people. Each session will invoive a photoshoot with a model using Multiblitz studio and Sony equipment.

The sessions are:
10:30am – 11:30am (this session is now full)
12:30pm – 1:30pm
2:30pm – 3:30pm

If you’re interested in coming to one of the sessions above; please fill in the form below for the session you’re interested in along with a few details for yourself. If you can no longer attend the day, please let us know by emailing us at .

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19. March 2015

Umbrellas for a perfect light spread control…

Our new PARABROLLY umbrellas offer a perfect control over the light spread due to the deeper and more parabolic construction. The light can simply be focused and shaped by sliding the umbrella shaft in the adapter ring. The PARABROLLY umbrellas are available in 130cm/51″ and 165cm/65″ diameters, the silver inner surface creates a very crisp light with high output.

To extend the versatility of the PARABROLLY umbrellas, diffusors in dedicated sizes are available in order for the photographer to create soft and diffused lighting as well. The PARABROLLY umbrellas are available for the Multiblitz P- and V-type bayonet mounts but can also be used with Bowens, Elinchrom, Hensel and Profoto systems.

The Multiblitz Parabrollies are starting at 189,21 € MSRP // Find a Multiblitz distributor…

Go to product sites:

Parabrolly 130

Parabrolly 165 with diffusor

Go to product sites:


Image by Kamerakind

Image by Gudio Rottmann

Image by Vincent Kos

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NEW – Multiblitz GLAMBOX 120

08. October 2014

The fully collapsible beauty dish, exclusively available from Multiblitz. Now available with a diameter of 120cm.

The GLAMBOX is a collabsible beauty dish that offers a great combination of even and soft light with definition and contrast. The GLAMBOX is now available with 90 and 120cm diameters. Fully collapsed it fits into a super light 60/90cm carrying pouch.

+ Diameter: 90cm / 120cm
+ Reflective coating: white
+ With white inner diffusor

+ Available for Multiblitz P- and V-type bayonet mount
+ Available for Bowens, Elinchrom, Hensel & ProFoto bayonet mounts

MSRP (net), GLAMBOX 90: 246,- EUR
MSRP (net), GLAMBOX 120: 302,- EUR

Image Samples

Image by Firat Bagdu

Image by Roy Cox

Image by Firat Bagdu

Image by Alexander Heinrichs

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V6 6000lm Multi-Voltage LED-Light

14. September 2014

V6 // 6000lm Multi-Voltage LED-Light – The compact hybrid continuous lighting solution for photo and video

The V6 is a compact hybrid continuous lighting solution for photo and video with a slightly warmer color tem-perature between warm and neutral white (4000 K) – especially tailored to skin tones and natural daylight. The V6 offers a luminous flux of 6000 lumens (lm), equivalent 650 W halogen light. It is equipped with one of the most advanced and efficient LED modules available with a lifetime of over 50,000 hours. The extremely high luminous efficacy (lm/W) offers more “brightness” per Watt compared to halogen light sources. The low power consumption makes the V6 an economic and versatile lighting tool. The V6 LED light offers limitless light shaping possibilities due to its compatibility with all Multiblitz P-Type bayonet light shapers. The built-in Multi Voltage Technology (MVT) from 90-260V provides worldwide automatic voltage recognition in 110V and 230V power grids. Up to 150 minutes of full power operation are possible when the V6 is operated with the Multiblitz PROPAC battery packs for outdoor photo and video shoots.

Go to product page… // V6 brochure (pdf)

V6 // Spot

Made with V6 // The Masque Of The Red Death

V6 // Specifications & Technical Data

  • Multi-voltage power supply, V: 90-260
  • Colour temperature, K: 4000, Stable over entire control range
  • Output control with 2.5 stops in ½ steps with Multi-Voltage Power Pack
  • Luminous flux: 6000 lm (equivalent 650 W halogen)
  • Illuminace: 1782 lux @2 m
  • Light spread @2 m/@60° beam angle with standard reflector (FILNOS): 2,31 m
  • Coverage area @2 m/@60° beam angle with standard reflector (FILNOS): 4,19 m2
  • Efficacy: 85 lm/W
  • CRI > 92 (+/-2%)
  • Chromaticity tolerance (CCx, CCy): +/- 0,0005 %
  • Lifetime (light degradation, L70): 50,000 h
  • Automated “Silencer” cooling fan & AW-6063 Aluminum/Silicon heat sink
  • Low power consumption, no harmful UV radiation, LED module contains no mercury
  • P-bayonet mount: Compatible with all Multiblitz P-Type bayonet light shapers
  • Compatible with PROPAC battery packs
  • UL-, RoHS- & CE- normed
  • Dimensions, mm / in: 261 x 110 x 162 / 10.2 x 4.3 x 6.4
  • Weight V6, kg / lbs: 1.4 / 3.0
  • Weight MV Power Pack, kg / lbs: 0.6 / 1.3

V6 // Optainable performances with PROPAC battery packs, V6 @ full power

  • 1 x V6 w/PROPAC 1: 70 min.
  • 2 x V6 w/PROPAC 1: 35 min.
  • 1 x V6 w/PROPAC 2: 150 min.
  • 2 x V6 w/PROPAC 2: 75 min.

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