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M6-TTL // 600 Ws portable compact flash with TTL-control and High-Speed-Sync for Canon and Nikon DSLRS

Nowadays a flash unit has to be compact, lightweight and a “no brainer” to operate. Modern working procedures as well as the vast possibilities modern camera technologies offer call for a new mindset, especially in relation to image sequence and sync time. This is where our latest innovation comes in: The M6-TTL delivers 600 powerful wattseconds (Ws=J) and features TTL-control and high-speed-sync in combination with the Multiblitz remote controls TTLTRIGGER/C or TTL-TRIGGER/N for use with Nikon and Canon DSLRs. Extremely short flash durations of just 1/15,000 s are another characteristic that distinguishes the M6-TTL from its competitors. For outdoor/on-location operation, the interchangeable lithium-ion battery pack delivers 400 full power flashes.

The custom 3,800K color temperature of the LED modeling light allows easy integration into any existing Multiblitz studio environment. Here, the M6- TTL can also be operated as a conventional studio flash unit with an optional multi-voltage power supply.

The M6-TTL features the smaller Multiblitz P-type bayonet mount. V-type bayonet light modifiers can be attached to the M6-TTL with a newly available adapter.

The separately sold remote controls TTL-TRIGGER/C (for Canon) and TTL-TRIGGER/N (for Nikon) operateat a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

Product Code: M6-TTL


Multiblitz Three (3) Year Limited Warranty warrants Multiblitz-branded products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use as follows: electronic flash units for a period of Three (3) YEARS, other Multiblitz-branded products, excluding consumable parts such as illuminants, for a period of One (1) YEAR.


  • Flash Power: 600 J(WS)
  • Guide No., ISO 100 w/Reflector FILNOS-2/65°: 93
  • F-Stop, 2M, ISO 100* w/Reflector FILNOS-2/65°: 45.1
  • Power Range, J(WS): 8 / 4.68 - 600
  • Power Increments, F-Stop: 1/3 & 1/1
  • LED Modeling-Light, W: 10 (Equals 50W Halogen)
  • Modeling-Light Modes: OFF, FREE (5-100%)
  • Sync/Trigger: SYNC LEAD, RADIO (2.4GHZ), CELL (IR)
  • Recycling Time, sec: 0.1 - 3.5
  • Flash Duration (T 0,5), sec: 1/8100-1/650
  • Flash Duration (T 0,5) in FP/HS Mode, sec: 1/15000-1/8000
  • Colour Temperature (@ max output), K: 5500 +/- 150
  • Battery Capacity (max flashes @ max output): 400
  • Battery Charging Time (fully discharged), hrs: 3.5
  • Mains Operation: YES, WITH OPT. MULTI-VOLTAGE POWER SUPPLY, 100 - 240V / 12 V
  • Built-in Wireless Receiver: YES
  • Acoustical Charging Check: YES
  • IR/Photocell On/Off: YES
  • “Test” Button: YES
  • Automated Cooling Fan: YES
  • Auto-Dumping: YES
  • Stabilized colour temperature: YES
  • UV– Absorbing Flash Tube
  • Sync Voltage, V: < 5
  • Flash Voltage Stability, %: +/-0.5
  • Radio Interference Surpression: ACCORDING TO CE, DIN
  • Dimemsions (W X H X L), MM: 120X185X280
  • Weight incl. Battery, KG: 2.9
Tolerances of the technical data for measured values and components according to the standard DIN IEC // Subject to technical changes. *Metered with 65º FILNOS-2 standard reflector at ISO 100. Distance: 2 m to minimize measuring inaccuracies. Reflector not included with single unit!

Delivery Contents

  • M6-TTL 600Ws with E-TTL, I-TTL, HSS
  • Padded carrying case
  • Li-Io battery
  • Battery charger with mains cable
  • Handle with 5/8" adapter
  • Flash tube
  • Protective cap (PLUSKAP)
  • Signature red pc-sync cord (MASYG)
*Standard reflector (FILNOS) not included!