Xlite 500 Ws Studio Light
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X LITE // 500 Ws Studio Light

The new Multiblitz X LITE merges modern technology with the principles of the legendary MINI STUDIO & VARIOLITE systems. The X LITE is an extreme versatile monolight, developed for the demanding daily workload in a modern photo studio. Like all Multiblitz units, the X LITE features a rugged and robust construction, and guarantees peak precision and powerful output.

Flash output can be controlled over 5 f-stops in 1/10 increments from 30 to 500 Ws, which enables possibilities to follow modern photographic trends such as open aperture photography. In the case you are currently working with an older generation Multiblitz unit like the MINI STUDIO or VARIOLITE, you will be able to use all your current light modifiers on the V-type bayonet featuring X LITE.

The X LITE is equipped with the larger V-type bayonet, enabling the use of the vast amount of Multiblitz light shapers for all types of lighting preferences and styles of the photographer, it features a built-in radio receiver and can be triggered with the Multiblitz RS2 radio trigger up to distances of 30 m/100 ft. The featured IR slave cell can be switched off and the halogen modeling tube has a lifetime of 2,000 operating hours.

The X LITE provides a new generation of professional photographers with cutting-edge Multiblitz quality at very reasonable terms, and presents to the „more experienced“ portraiture photographers an adequate substitute or a complementary alternative for their MINI STUDIO or VARIOLITE units (which are usually fully functional after more than 20 years of usage).

Product Code: XLITE


Multiblitz Three (3) Year Limited Warranty warrants Multiblitz-branded products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use as follows: electronic flash units for a period of Three (3) YEARS, other Multiblitz-branded products, excluding consumable parts such as illuminants, for a period of One (1) YEAR.


  • 500Ws flash output
  • V-bayonet mount
  • Infinite “Fast Dial” output control via 5 f-stops, adjustable in 1/10 increments
  • Digital display
  • 205W modeling light w/ 2000hrs life cycle
  • Photo cell/IR receiver switchable
  • Flash duration from 1/1000 sec
  • Recycling time from 0,5 sec
  • Optical and/or aural firing monitor
  • Open flash button "Test"
  • Automated fan cooling
  • Built-in 16 channel wireless receiver with 30m range, compatible with the Multiblitz RS2 wireless trigger.

Technical Data

  • Power Supply, V: 220-240V
  • Flash Power, (J)WS: 500
  • Guide No., 1m, ISO 100: 87.4
  • F-Stop, 2m, ISO 100: 32.9
  • Control range: 5 F-Stops, 31.25 – 500 WS
  • Flash duration, t 0,5: 1/500-1/1000
  • Recycling time at max output, sec at 230 V: 1.7s
  • Flash voltage stability: 0.5%
  • Synchronisation: Lead, Radio, Cell, IR
  • Wireless flash triggering w/ RS2
  • Sync voltage, V: < 5
  • Dimensions, MM: 363 x 146 x 146
  • Weight: 2,6kg/5,7lbs


  • 1. Energy display / Wireless receiver "active"/channel display
  • 2. Photocell / IR-slave
  • 3. Photocell / IR-slave On/Off
  • 4. Energy control / Wireless receiver channel select
  • 5. TEST button / Wireless receiver On/Off
  • 6. Optical and/or aural firing monitor / Wireless receiver channel confirm
  • 7. Modeling light prop./100%
  • 8. Modeling light On/Off
  • 9. Unit On/Off/Standby

Delivery Contents

  • XLITE 500Ws studio flash* (XLITE)
  • Coated flash tube (XROW)
  • 205W halogen modeling lamp (LUHAL-3)
  • Protective cap (LUKAP)
  • Signature red power cable, 5m (VANET-A)
  • Signature red pc-sync cord (MASYG)
*Standard reflector (LUNOS) not included!