X5 500 Ws Studio Light
X System Studio Light Control Panel
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X5 // 500 Ws Studio Light

We proudly introduce an entirely new kind of premium studio lights – the Multiblitz X System. Its features are perfectly suited to fulfill the high standards of commercial and advertisement photography.

The new „speedmode“ enables simultaneous charging and firing of the units. Up to 20 flashes per second make the X System especially valuable for freeze-photography. The new X System comes in three different versions: The X5 (160-265V, 500Ws), the X10 AC/DC (80-265V, 1000Ws), and the X15 (160-265V, 1500Ws). In developing the X System, we strictly followed the high technical standards of professional digital cameras and created a compact studio flash that operates extremely fast, with high precision, and highly efficient. The X System features a vast control range of 10 f-stops, which allows a controlled output as low as 1 Ws. The flash output can be adjusted in 1/10 increments and the „fast-Dial“ function allows quick adjustments between low and high output.

The X5 and X15 studio lights are particularly desigend for mains operation in the 220-240V range to achieve incredibly short recycle times as low as 0.05 sec, and lightning fast flash durations down to 1/4500 sec (t 0.5). Multiblitz’s built-in “voltage tolerance technology” ensures a safe operating voltage range of 160-265V, guarantees a consistent flash stability, and protects the X System from power grid voltage fluctuations.

The X System can take on any floor pack in its class. It offers exceptional performance. Powerful, versatile, and fast - without the extra handling of lamp heads.

Product Code: X-5


Multiblitz Three (3) Year Limited Warranty warrants Multiblitz-branded products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use as follows: electronic flash units for a period of Three (3) YEARS, other Multiblitz-branded products, excluding consumable parts such as illuminants, for a period of One (1) YEAR.


  • 500Ws flash output
  • V-bayonet mount
  • Infinite “Fast Dial” output control via 10 f-stops, adjustable in 1/10 increments
  • Digital display
  • 205W modeling light w/ 2000hrs life cycle
  • Photo cell/IR receiver switchable
  • Built-in pre-flash eliminator "Red Eye/TTL/E-TTL"
  • Flash duration from 1/4500 sec
  • Recycling time from 0,05 sec
  • Optical and/or aural firing monitor
  • Open flash button "Test"
  • Automated fan cooling
  • Speed mode
  • Built-in 16 channel wireless receiver with 30m range, compatible with the Multiblitz RS2 wireless trigger and TriggerHappy wireless trigger/remote

Technical Data

  • Power Supply, V: 160-265
  • Flash Power, (J)WS: 500
  • Guide No., 1m, ISO 100: 100,4
  • F-Stop, 2m, ISO 100: 45,3
  • Control range: 10 F-Stops, 0,98 – 500 WS
  • Flash duration, t 0,5: 1/1000-1/4500
  • Recycling time at max output, sec at 230 V: 0,6
  • Modeling light, W/V: 205/240
  • Flash voltage stability: 0,05%
  • Synchronisation: Lead, Radio, Cell, IR
  • Wireless flash triggering w/ RS2
  • Wireless flash triggering/remote control w/ TriggerHappy
  • Sync voltage, V: < 5
  • Dimensions, MM: 417 x 137 x 137
  • Weight, kg/lbs: 3,9/8,6


  • 1. Energy display / Wireless receiver "active"/channel & ID display
  • 2. Photocell/IR-slave
  • 3. Modeling light On/Off
  • 4. Photocell/IR-slave On/Off / Pre-flash eliminator On/Off & "active" display
  • 5. Modeling light prop./100%
  • 6. Energy control / Wireless receiver channel & ID select
  • 7. Optical/aural firing monitor / Wireless receiver channel & ID confirm
  • 8. TEST button / Wireless receiver On/Off
  • 9. SPEED MODE indicator
  • 10. Unit On/Off/Standby

Delivery Contents

  • X5 500Ws studio flash* (X5)
  • Coated flash tube (RAREW)
  • 205W halogen modeling lamp (LUHAL-3)
  • Protective cap (LUKAP)
  • Signature red power cable, 5m (VANET-A)
  • Signature red pc-sync cord (MASYG)
*Standard reflector (LUNOS) not included!