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N E W ! - XPAC 24AS // 2400 Ws Studio Generator

The new Multiblitz XPAC 24AS studio generator pairs precise digital control and versatility with rugged reliabilty. The X PAC 24AS offers a common sense approach for all aspects of commercial photography. The logical and intuitive layout of the digital control panel ensures easy operation during any photographic assignment. Consistent power stability and exact repeatability guarantee stellar results with modern-day DSLRs.

With a powerful 2400 Ws output and weighing in at only 7,5 kg (16.5 lbs), the XPAC 24AS is one of the most compact and powerful studio generators available today. The XPAC 24AS features two true asymmetric sockets that are individually controlled in 1/10 increments over 11 (channel 1) and 10 f-stops (channel 2). Both outlets are digitally controlled, and guarantee constant color temperature with every single flash fired. Recycle times from 0,05 to 1,2 sec and flash durations from 1/6000 to 1/1600* sec meet every professional´s demands.
*With BL 24S head. 1/4000 to 1/1600 sec with BL 41 head.

The built-in wireless sync module of the XPAC 24AS allows control of all settings via the Multiblitz TRIGGER HAPPY wireless remote, including the Easy Clip flash delay function. When Easy Clip is activated, the two connected flash heads are successively triggered with a delay of max of 0,5 sec, resulting in two images: the main subject and a mask. These two images can then be layered for easy editing of clipping paths and masks in any dedicated photo editing software.

Not only the sleek design and intuitive operating panel sets the XPAC 24AS apart from other studio generators. The XPAC 24AS offers four modeling light modes: proportional, 100%, free and maximal proportional. The XPAC´s Advanced Trigger Technology makes the XPAC 24AS fully compatible with older generation flash heads used with the Magnolux and Magnolite studio generator product lines.

Multiblitz flash heads are made of rugged aluminum and heat-resistant POCAN®, a glass fiber enhanced composite material. The heads merely weigh 3 kg and are equipped with the larger V-bayonet mount for unlimited versatility with the vast array of Multiblitz light shapers.

Product Code: XPAC 24AS


Multiblitz Three (3) Year Limited Warranty warrants Multiblitz-branded products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use as follows: electronic flash units for a period of Three (3) YEARS, other Multiblitz-branded products, excluding consumable parts such as illuminants, for a period of One (1) YEAR.


  • 2400 Ws flash ouput
  • Recycle time from 0,05 sec
  • Flash duration from 1/6000 sec
  • Two true asymmetric, digitally controlled sockets.
  • Infinite “Fast Dial” output control controllable in 1/10 increments
  • Channel 1 with 11 f-stop control range, Channel 2 with 10 f-stop control range
  • 9 f-stop control range at asymmetric operation
  • 650 W modeling light
  • Modeling light operation: Free, prop., prop. max, 100%
  • Built-in wireless sync module
  • Fully remote controllable
  • Weight only 7,5 kg/16.5 lbs
  • Flash heads with V-bayonet mount
  • Compatible with older flash heads from MAGNOLUX and MAGNOLITE systems

Technical Data

  • Flash Power, (J) WS: 2400
  • Guide No., ISO 100 (w/RINOS-2, 30cm standard reflector, silver): 181
  • F-Stop, 2m, ISO 100 (w/RINOS-2, 30cm standard reflector, silver): 90
  • Channel 1 control range: 11 F-Stops, 2,4 – 2400 WS
  • Channel 2 control range: 10 F-Stops, 2,4 – 1200 WS
  • Max. control range at asym. operation: 9 F-Stops
  • Flash voltage stability: 0,05%
  • Flash duration with BL 24S flash head, t 0.5: 1/6000-1/1600
  • Flash duration with BL 41 flash head, t 0.5: 1/4000-1/1600
  • Color temperature stabilized: Yes
  • Recycling time, sec at 230 V: 0,05 – 1,2
  • Synchronisation: Lead, Radio, Cell, IR
  • Wireless control of all functions w/TriggerHappy
  • Wireless flash triggering w/RS2
  • Sync voltage, V: < 5
  • Modeling Light, W/V: 650/240
  • Power Supply, V: 160-265 Voltage Tolerance Technology
  • Dimensions, MM: 400 x 225 x 175
  • Weight, kg/lbs: 7,5/16,5


  • 1. Power supply (AC) connector
  • 2. Sync connector
  • 3. Photocell/IR-slave
  • 4. Lamp head connector, channel 1
  • 5. Lamp head connector, channel 2
  • 6. Antenna for wireless receiver
  • 7. Channel 1 energy display
  • 8. Channel 2 energy display
  • 9. Fuse
  • 10. Channel 1 control select
  • 11. Channel 2 control select
  • 12. Channel 1/2 energy control
  • 13. Modeling light 100% and Prop. Max indicators
  • 14. Wireless receiver ID and Channel indicators
  • 15. TEST button
  • 16. Lamp ready: BEEP/DIM select
  • 17. Modeling light contro
  • 18. Wireless receiver On/Off, ID select, channel select
  • 19. Photocell/IR-slave On/Off
  • 20. On/Off/Standby button

Delivery Contents

  • XPAC 24AS 2400Ws studio generator (XPAC-24)
  • Signature red power cable, 5m (MANET)
  • Signature red pc-sync cord (MASYG)
  • Screw-on antenna (PLUSTEN)